Gamescom kicked into gear with a fair few announcements yesterday. And among all the Horde modes and car creator apps, was the first proper look at Google Stadia exclusive, Gylt.

Being headed up by Rime and The Sexy Brutale developer, Teqila Works, Gylt is is looking like it’s going to be a Pixar film marinaded in a rather potent horror sauce.

The short gameplay we saw shows the game’s heroine, Emily, running around in search of her counsellor. Unfortunately, it seems that both the counsellor and Emily have been thrown into a spooky nightmare world. Halls are patrolled by ghoulish monsters that sort of look like Kingdom Hearts’ Nobodies in BDSM gear, while closets house giant eyeball monsters. Cool.

Tequila Works’ founder, Raul Rubio, explained how Gylt is a tale of difficult childhoods and bullying, so it sounds as if we’ll be sobbing and screaming at the same time.

The bad news is that Gylt is going to be a Google Stadia exclusive, with Rubio saying that the team is “excited by the vision of Stadia,” as we gear up to its arrival later this year.

Gylt doesn’t have a release date yet. Hey, don’t blame us.