Red Dot Games’s Car Mechanic Simulator, which gained a lot of traction on PC, will be coming digitally to the Nintendo Switch as Car Mechanic Simulator Pocket Edition. The game will be available on the eShop on September 27 via publisher Ultimate Games S.A..

The key element of the gameplay in the Car Mechanic Simulator Pocket Edition is car repairs. Each vehicle has several hundred separate parts (including elements of the interior, body and engine) and can be disassembled into the basic parts.

Players can also ake part in auctions to buy demolished cars and then renew and sell them at a profit or add them to his collection.

Accepting orders from customers allows you to earn money, which can be spent on improving the workshop and honing your skills. The orders available in the game are very diverse – both in terms of difficulty and complexity.

Here’s what the CEO of Ultimate Games S.A., Mateusz Zawadzki, had to say about this upcoming release:

The Pocket Edition has the same content as the original known from the PC. This version of the game is of course adjusted accordingly in terms of control to the particularities of the console, so fans can count on comfortable play at a high level and to see why the Car Mechanic Simulator series has gained so much popularity on PC and other platforms.”