Check out the new video from WWE 2K20 showing off the muscle-bound spandex-clad gymnasts in all their glory.

It’s not long now until WWE 2K20 gets a release later this month on October 22, and to help build the hype there is a new trailer sporting some of the featured wrestlers on the roster and also some gameplay footage.

It’s a fun trailer, but I do see more ‘walk-on’ cinematic footage than actual in-the-ring gameplay footage. You can check out the new trailer below and decide for yourself what you think of the new WWE 2K20 video.

For me, the highlights are seeing some of the classic wrestlers like Hulk Hogan doing his thing and the legendary Undertaking hamming it up. To be honest I couldn’t name any of the new guys, but then this game is for the fans, and if WWE is your bag – then WWE 2K20 looks set to fulfil your pantomime wrestling needs.