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Mobile esports are going to be the new sexy after 2020. The mobile segment is just quite appealing and you may say – inclusive. Whereas competitive video gaming on desktop and consoles is dominated by males, there are far more female players enjoying games from their smartphones. You may argue that Candy Crush isn’t really competitive gaming to begin with. Yet, the fact is many gamers who play desktop aren’t necessarily ‘competitive gamers,’ too.

You can develop an appreciation for mobile esports so long as you are around some form of mobile gaming. And the truth is, mobile gamers love to come back and check out new games often. According to Newzoo’s latest survey on the mobile esports industry, numbers are only improving. In 2017, mobile gaming accounted for ½ of the total gaming revenue raked in globally.

Not only that, but the number of smartphones has grown substantially. In 2017, there were 2.7 billion smartphone devices out there and by 2019 that number went to 3.2 billion, a significant increase in just a few years.

Mobile Esports Will Stick Around – Which Are the Main Titles

What’s the staying power of mobile esports? After all they are all rather uncomfortable to experience. Well, as it turns out that’s not quite true. You can get to enjoy quite a few titles that are very easy to play from a handheld device.

Even the latest Call of Duty has arrived for mobile, which just goes to show that game makers will continue investing copious amounts in mobile games. Blizzard – the award-winning gaming company that has dominated the industry’s highest echelons for years – announced that Diablo Immortal – the latest instalment in the franchise – will be coming for mobile.

This made Southeast Asia players extremely happy, but it naturally didn’t resonate well with western crowds. Meanwhile, there is a strong wave of mobile esports bookies that are interested in capitalizing on the interest in mobile esports.

More Companies Coming to the Small Screen?

Without a shade of doubt, mobile esports will really be a growing segment in the years to come. Fortnite, PUBG, Honor of Kings, Call of Duty Mobile have all proven that it’s possible. Counter Strike, Valve’s award-winning first-person shooter, has done a great job of establishing itself as one of the absolute pillars of competitive video gaming.

With the esports betting activity going around Counter-Strike, it might be worth seeing the title arrive on mobile. Meanwhile, for those looking to wager on every possible competitive event in the competitive Counter-Strike world, this option will suit your needs:

The truth is that developers are looking for a new angle to get to a broader audience. With most competitive gaming happening on desktop and console devices, major game-makers are now considering a shift towards smartphones.

Activision/Blizzard seem to be the first company that is seriously pushing and hoping to expand in Asia, where mobile gaming is on another level altogether. With this being said, the future of esports – and even esports betting – is exciting. Mobile is just one of the many manifestations of a vibrant industry.