It’s the spooky season in Destiny 2.

With the return of the in-game spooky season “Festival of the Lost”, there are a few extras to enjoy for players of Destiny 2’s latest expansion “Shadowkeep”.

Not only is the tower decorated and adorned with festive regalia, but there is also a new exotic weapon to acquire, a new PvP mode in the Crucible called “Momentum”, and – the best part – a new dungeon!

A new dungeon awaits you Guardians, so head on over to Eris for directions to the new location and have fun ridding it of its pesky enemies.

The new PvP mode Momentum focuses on increasing the damage of your weapons, so everything hurts a lot more; incouraging you to be far more aggressive and just dive on in there and start dispatching anything that moves.

Finally, there is the quest for the new exotic the “Xenophage”, a beastly looking weapon, that may or may not be a little under-tuned if current reports are true. But hey, it looks good!

New exotic, the Xenophage.

So have a gander at the trailer, and if you like what you see then you know it’s time to boot the Destiny 2 back up.