Team17 has released a demo for Veewo Games’ upcoming roguelike game Neon Abyss. Now available to PC players via Steam, the Neon Abyss timed demo allows players to drop into the heart of the vividly coloured, procedurally-generated dungeons, and destroy the enemies and modern god-like bosses that plague it.

The length of the demo is determined by the difficulty level chosen by players, with 15 minutes of fast-paced action available to those selecting Easy; 18 minutes for those who opt for the Medium difficulty; or 24 minutes of gameplay for players looking to take on the Hard difficulty.

Players will be able to collect more than 400 different items through the various dungeons and test their skills with a bevvy of mini-games.

Neon Abyss will also give players the opportunity to customize their own character.

Neon Abyss will launch on PC and consoles sometime next year.