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Believe it or not – the infamous AK-47 will have to take a backseat for this one! CS: GO professionals have decided that Krieg is a far more potent weapon and they have been using it a lot. Now, this can definitely cause a few surprises all on itself. Let’s consider the facts. When you go to a reputable venue for CS GO betting, you certainly want to make sure you know what you are getting involved in.

Now, is one of the places where you will find competitive odds and lines. Whether you are fan of in-play or match betting, there is always something to find there. Now, the real question is – do you need to factor the weapons to make sure that your wagers have the best chance of turning out winners?

So Why the Shift to Krieg?

The shift to SG 553 – or Krieg – is now making a comeback in the competitive scene, and while AK-47 has the mowing-down power of one-bullet-headshot, the Krieg seems to be far better when prolonged fights erupt. The spraying may be less dangerous but it’s more sustainable and it allows you to hold onto your position while giving the enemy very little opportunity.

In the past, it has been often suggested that the Krieg is just too clumsy and expensive to even be considered seriously. However, players such as Nicolai Reedtz have proven that one’s personal preferences and experience can bring a weapon to the fore.

Some have called to nerf SG 553 and it has been, but apparently not enough to completely disrupt its popularity – or even lethality. When placing bet on a CS GO even it seems to make a perfect sense to root for the team that can bring somewhat disruptive tactics to the fore.

Playing Against Krieg

It’s always a great idea to just pick a team that features a Krieg user. Of course, on the top level of competitive CS GO gaming, you can imagine that all players are very evenly matched and therefore there is little to suggest that their choice of weapons will be determining.

Yet, it just might. If a team is known to excel using a specific type of weapon – SG 553, what would usually happen is that the other team wouldn’t be as prepared. Different weapons have different spray patterns and professional players have been trained to try and avoid the spray. What if you bring an entirely unfamiliar weapon to the meta though?

Well, the answer is simple enough – there will be blood!