Tarsier Studios has released, out of the blue, a new comedic co-op puzzle game titled The Stretchers.

The game features two medics who must work together to rescue Dizzies, troubled residents dizzied by the evil mastermind Captain Brains, in all kinds of wacky ways.

In order to rescue the dizzied citizens, players have to drive their ambulance and reach each scene by overcoming various obstacles on their path. Not only will you be saving Dizzies but also sawing down trees, building ramps, blowing up rocks with fireworks and even games of hide-and-seek.

Players can also unlock additional hats, costume colors, furniture for their home base by exploring mission areas and the world map.

Once on the scene, players need to pile Dizzies up on a stretcher and carry them to the ambulance. Each player controls one of the two medics, so working together takes skillful coordination and communication to overcome physics-based puzzles.

Players can team up in local multiplayer using Joy-Con controllers or Nintendo Switch Pro Controllers (sold separately), or a combination of the two, to play, or even go solo, controlling both medics at the same time.

The Stretchers is now available exclusively for Switch on the eShop for $19.99.