Creative Assembly has announced their plans to release the new campaign pack, The Shadow & the Blade, to Total War: Warhammer II players on December 12.

The new add-on will introduce new units, magic lore and campaign mechanics along with a handful of additional improvements. The new campaign can also be played within both the Eye of The Vortex and Mortal Empire campaigns. Here’s a breakdown of additional content:

Shadow and Blade content:

  • 2 playable factions – Clan Eshin (Skaven) and Hag Graef (Dark Elves)
  • 2 legendary lords – Deathmaster Snikch, Malus Darkblade
  • 12 units; Highbeast Master, Bloodwrack Medusa, Master Assassins, Eshin Triads and more.
  • Lore of Stealth (Skaven)

Free Content Update:

  • Legendary lord – Repanse de Lyonesse (Bretonnia)
  • Legendary hero – Henri Le Massif (Bretonnia)

Creative Assembly also made significant improvements has been made to enemy turn time durations. Players can now expect to see up to a 60% decrease in wait times between turns, however this will be dependent on their current game state.

Here’s a brief synopsis of the add-on:

Tz’arkan, the Drinker of Worlds, has escaped from his eternal prison within the Realm of Chaos and latched himself onto the mind of Malus Darkblade, forging a deadly partnership that reverberates throughout the New World. Sensing the potential of this daemonic entity, the Nightlord of Clan Eshin has dispatched his most trusted assassin, Deathmaster Snikch, to track down the daemon and investigate its true power.