Wargaming, as you would imagine, know a thing or two about what it is that makes a good war game, and as such it’s great news that Caliber, they and 1C Game Studios’ free-to-play 3rd-person tactical shooter, is heading to Europe for its next bout of testing.

Boasting over 1 million registered players and 53 million battles fought in CIS, this next stage will see more rigourous testing done by any European player wanting to add their name to the CBT signup list.

“We are very grateful to our audience for the great reception to our game in CIS, and look forward to player base growth in Europe. Beginning from our demo at Intel Extreme Masters Expo in Poland, we will start recruiting players that will then join us in Caliber testing when the game becomes available later on this year”, said Alex Morozov, Marketing Director for Caliber.

Obviously excited about this next step, 1C Game Studios and Wargaming have also promised bespoke content, collections and stories for its European players, with Kirill Stadnik, the Caliber Product Director, saying, “We will make sure that players in Europe get as much content as possible, with more collections of operators from different countries, more maps, and a story that would bring more context into their gaming experience. Join us via submitting your email on the game’s landing page and stay tuned – tests in Europe are on their way!”

Caliber CBT players the world over look like they’ll be in for a good time if they take up the testing mantle, as the game sees gamers adopt accurately designed national special forces teams from around the world (including Poland’s GROM, the US Navy SEALs and the Kommando Spezialkräfte of Germany), pitting the 4-person teams against one another in PvE Spec Ops mode or straight up PvP. Check out the trailer below!