Ever wondered what Raiders of the Lost Ark would have been like if Indiana Jones was jacked up on magic and his enemies were long dead Gods with the ability to inflict debilitating curses? Nope, neither have we. But I’ll tell you who has: those guys over at Passtech Games and Focus Home Interactive, that’s who. And let me tell you another thing: it looks awesome.

Curse of the Dead Gods is the new roguelike game from the aforementioned that brings just such a vision to life, and to celebrate it’s launch on Steam Early Access on March 3 the two studios have released a Gameplay Overview Trailer that shows players just what they’ll be in for when they pick up the dungeon crawl title: a dank and dangerous atmosphere, traps that’ll test your very mettle, curses that you can twist to your advantage, and an ever-changing maze hiding false deities, new weapons and powerful relics, all of which promises fantastic replayability.

So cast your eyes on the said trailer below, see what you think, and if you’d like to get a more hands-on experience check out their booth over at PAX East from February 27 – March 1. Otherwise, join the studio for an exclusive game presentation over at their official Twitch channel (search: FocusHomeInteractive), or pick up a virtual copy through Steam Early Access on March 3!