“There comes a time in your life when you have to choose to turn the page, write another book or simply close it”.

This nostalgic remark was said about writing, but it could just as easily have been referring to video games. This is perhaps why, 16 years on from its original release, Tommy Visic, the developer of the popular 2004 platformer Glace, announced yesterday that he would be returning to the universe he previously created with a reinvention of the classic game, titled Spirit of Glace. Speaking fondly of the project, Tommy said:

“It’s been so much fun hearing from fans of the game over the years, and I always wanted to go back and revisit the world of Glace. I can’t express how honored I am to learn there’s still a community of players who love Glace and want to rally behind the new project. I draw so much inspiration from them”.

But this game won’t be a straight-up remake, oh no. It’ll be better. Features will include:

  • An open world to explore at your own pace.
  • A strong emphasis on story, quality lore, and attention to detail.
  • Some fresh platforming action. Falling off a ledge is just an opportunity to bounce off the floor and rocket back up with finesse. Dash mid-air, fling from ledges, ricochet off walls.
  • Attack your foes with weapons like talking magical beads that shoot out, bounce around, and zip back to you.
  • Rebuild the world and unlock powers. Tend to a secret garden, help rebuild a village in the swamp, organize a penguin rebellion against the foe.
  • Experience an enchanting soundtrack carefully crafted by the composer of the original 2004 game.
  • Dozens of passive ability-enhancing relics to collect and upgrade.
  • Built for replaying. A rewind mechanic encourages you to take earned powers and game state to the next playthrough where you’ll experience new story elements and higher levels of challenge.
  • Dynamic encounters within stages and dungeons that reorganize themselves after every playthrough.

Check out these screenshots and a new announcement trailer below, and make sure to join Spirit of Glace over on Discord if you’d like to lend a hand with bug fixes and improvements (and a healthy dollop of nostalgia).