A hapless theatre troupe that doubles as a specialist combat unit to fight demons? Oh, Japan.

Sakura Wars was a massive hit in the land of the rising sun many moons ago but chances are that if you weren’t in-country there’d have been little chance you’d have heard of it, let alone have gotten to play it. But now a reboot’s on the horizon and Sega has plans to bring the genre-defining series to audiences around the world with a PlayStation 4 release scheduled for April 28!

Taking place in a beautifully rendered Taisho-era steampunk Tokyo circa 1940s, Sakura Wars sees players take on the role of Seijuro Kamiyama, a man who’s been tasked with bringing glory back to the Imperial Combat Revue, who appear to have fallen on hard times. But does he have the mental and physical strength necessary to transform a team that’s faltering on both the dancing and the demon-slaying sides? It’s sink or swim and the fate of not only the squad, but of the theater in which you reside, is in your hands. Features include:

– Dramatic Character Interplay. The dynamic LIPS dialogue system will have a profound impact on relationships on and off the battlefield.

– Exciting Combat Payoffs. Action-packed fights with giant steam-powered mecha. Enough said.

– Brilliant Anime Production. Gorgeous animated sequences and a lush soundtrack, with characters designed by anime and JRPG luminaries.

Sakura Wars will be available in both digital and physical editions, with the latter including a reversible cover in the style of the original Japanese cover art for the game, along with a sticker set featuring the main cast. Wondering what they look like? Check them out below:

Seijiro Kamiyama:

Sakura Amamiya:

Hatsuho Shinonome:

Clarissa “Claris” Snowflake:

Azami Mochizuki:

Anastasia Palma: