Upon writing this there is perhaps a small but feasible chance that Shadowgun War Games, the free-to-play FPS from indie studio MADFINGER, may well have actually reached 2 million downloads such is the speed at which the game hit its 1 million mark a few days ago, just 2 weeks after its original launch. And alongside the studios CEO thanking players for achieving this milestone is this possibly Hellboy-inspired fellow:

The ‘fast-paced hero shooter’ is certainly making waves and aforementioned MADFINGER CEO Marel Rabas couldn’t be happier. “We’re delighted that Shadowgun War Games has made such an instant impact. One million downloads is an outstanding result for us in such a short time span. We’ve got plenty of exciting content coming up for players, so we expect that the figure will grow substantially over the foreseeable future”, he said, addressing the games success.

So, whether you’ve got FOMO or you’re bored on your commute, why not join the other 1M+ gamers engaged in furious 5v5s – or at the very least, watch the trailer below.