Ubisoft pop three of their games onto the Google Stadia platform.

Google Stadia is woefully underperforming on almost everyone’s expectations at the moment, whether that be its very small library of games or the inability to display games at 4K-60fps as previously advertised. That is where Ubisoft comes to the rescue – sort of… by popping three games onto the platform from their games stable.

Coming soon to Google Stadia are Tom Clancy’s: The Division 2, The Crew 2, and stalwart digital board game Monopoly. The Division 2 will be available to purchase with the New York expansion on March 25; The Crew 2 will also release on this date, and Monopoly will arrive a month later on April 28.

Ubisoft titles coming to Google Stadia.

It’s great news that Stadia is building its selection of games for early adopters of the platform, but they aren’t new games and therefore not really tickling the fancy. On a counter note though, I am intrigued by the Stream Connect feature for Tom Clancy’s: The Division 2 that’s unique to Stadia which allows you to stream your teammate’s viewpoints onto your screen. Being able to see what your teammates are looking at could be very helpful in group events like raids. But, it’s just not interesting enough to make me buy the game again for this platform.