Praise the gods for new content arriving soon for Imperator: Rome.

Imperator: Rome – the strategy game from Paradox Interactive is getting some love at the end of the month in the form of an update and content pack. Coming March 31, the gods and Greeks will have a profound effect on your Roman society as you seek to sustain your empire.

The new 1.4 update to Imperator: Rome titled “Archimedes” has you discovering new ways to use religious beliefs in service of your growing and thriving empire. This update will be free to all users with some of the features of the update including:

  • State Deities: The Omens system has been replaced by a national Pantheon. Gods from across your empire are welcome into this divine collection, providing passive bonuses most of the time, though you can invoke their power for greater benefits.
  • Holy Sites: The classical world was full of sacred groves and mysterious locales. Holy Sites increase the strength of the relevant deity in your Pantheon or may be sacked of their wealth by less faithful rulers. – Sacred Treasures: Revered historical and divine relics can be stored in your National Treasury, earning small bonuses. If you sack an enemy’s Holy Sites or capital, there is a chance you might capture these special artefacts.
  • Loyalty Rework: Instead of a ticking scale to track, Character Loyalty will be a sum of various factors, making it easier to understand and control.

On top of the free update, there is a purchasable content pack the “Magna Graecia” for around £8 focusing on the world of the Greek city-states. So if you fancy mixing the cultures up a little – now’s your chance. Some of the features of Magna Graecia are the following:

  • Apotheosis: A popular ruler from a prestigious family may be declared a god and welcomed into the State Pantheon. Elevate enough rulers and you may institute an Imperial Cult religion.
  • New Greek Missions: New missions available for Athens, Sparta, Syracuse.
  • New Deities: 12 new Greek deities tied to historical Holy Sites across the Greek world.
  • Hellenistic Themed Treasures: Collect special artefacts based on the history and legends of the Hellenistic world.
  • New Music, Art, and 3D Models.

Imperator: Rome is available for PC and Mac via Steam.