Soon you will be hunting for the most fashionable weapon look.

Capcom has announced details regarding the new Monster Hunter World: Iceborne third update, and it’s going to be introducing a few new monster variants and the ability to ‘layer’ or customise the look of your weapons. Players can also look forward to a new Master Rank hunt for the gilded Kulve Taroth, the emergence of an Arch-Tempered Namielle, and the brown-pants appearance of Alatreon. The New World is in for a lot of trouble if those hunters don’t jump in and sort out these monsters quick-smart.

Title Update 3 also introduces layered weapons, which alter the appearance of weapons without impacting their stats. This looks to be a feature that will be incrementally added to with further updates, but as of now the first round of layered weapons will allow players to customise fully upgraded weapons with a distinct base frame and monster part attachments. Later in April, weapons with unique designs will join the layered weapon pool.

The Hunter Helper tool has also seen an overhaul, incentivising helpful players with increased monetary rewards when assisting hunters with a lower Master Rank, and even offering enhanced drop rates for various quest types. So there are even more reasons to help out noobies – also, assignments now offer a chance of receiving rare decorations, and regular quests award King Armor Spheres which can help to boost rarity 12 armour up to level 20.

It’s a great time to jump back into Monster Hunter if you already have it, and an even better time to pick it up if you don’t. It’s an awesome time-sink whilst self-isolating.