Considering the state of the world at the moment, strapping yourself into a bucket seat locked into a cold steel chassis with a super-tuned engine rumbling ominously 2 feet in front of you then taking all of that and using it to speed around muddy tracks at breakneck speed doesn’t seem like such a bad idea, especially when you consider that I’ve been unable to leave my house for just over a week now thanks to the spectre of coronavirus…

Of course, there’s no way I’m talking about doing this for real – for a start, I can’t even drive. No, I’m referring to living out this dirty fantasy of mine through Codemasters’ DiRT Rally 2.0 Game of the Year edition, which saw its release last Friday, March 20. 

Submerging players in all things mud rally, DiRT Rally 2.0 GOTY celebrates the greatest in rally and rallycross for fans of the high-octane sport. Drivers can climb behind the wheel of 81 cars across 26 locations, plus race their hearts out in the Official FIA World Rallycross Championship.

“DiRT Rally 2.0 Game of the Year features the best of rally and rallycross in one complete package”, says Ross Gowing, DiRT Rally 2.0 Game Director at Codemasters. “The Colin McRae Flat Out Pack is our tribute to the best driver of his generation, and we know it’s something our players will enjoy”.

The Colin McRae Flat Out pack that he’s referring to will be released this Tuesday, March 24, and features new Scottish locations, Perth and Kinross, with 12 routes to race, the Subaru Impreza S4 Rally and Subaru Legacy RS cars, and, in celebration of McRae himself, 40 scenarios with varying degrees of difficulty from different stages of McRae’s career, from the 1980s through to the 2000s.

Doesn’t look ‘that’ muddy…

Both DiRT Rally 2.0 GOTY and the Colin McRae Flat Out pack are available on PS4, Xbox One, and Windows PC, with the former out now and the latter out tomorrow, Tuesday, March 24. Players with either DiRT Rally 2.0 Deluxe Edition or any full Season pack will receive the Colin McRae content for free as a digital download, whereas existing players who own the Standard Edition with no additional content can purchase the Flat Out pack separately, though if they own at least one piece of season content they’ll also receive it free.

Happy racing!