During this week’s surprise Nintendo Direct, Capcom has released their action-based deep-sea game Shinsekai: Into the Depths. The game is available on the eShop for $19.99.

The game submerges players into the solitary struggle of the last-surviving human as they sink ever deeper into an unexplored, aquatic world.

In order to escape a rapidly approaching ice age, players must collect resources, upgrade their gear, and craft new items necessary for a deeper dive into the abyss.

As players go deeper into the waters, they need to keep a close eye on their oxygen and pressure levels.

The Nintendo Switch version introduces two new modes:

Another Dive is a time-challenge mode with two difficulty levels where players must descend through a perilous maze as quickly as possible in order to confront a new monstrous threat. If the default difficulty is too easy for you, man up for the Hardcore mode, which adds more pressure by placing the player in an antique diving suit and offers even fewer resources.

While Jukebox Mode lets players listen to their favorite background music at any time, and tinker with a variety of audio filters such as music depth.