Rust is showing an incredibly healthy population at the moment thanks to an increase in gamers playing via Steam.

Some games are seeing increases in player numbers during the current lockdown, but Rust has seen an all-time high for concurrent players on Steam. Hitting peaks of around 125,000 players over the past 30 days. This is due in part to the extra gamers stuck at home, but also because Rust has seen some updates since Christmas that has helped to keep the player base busy and entertained.

“Hitting over 100k players is a fantastic milestone for us and reflects the huge amount of work we’ve put into innovating upon the Rust experience. In the past year we’ve set out to take the game to new heights and really hone our vision for the ultimate open world survival game. We’re excited to share more with players for what we have coming next – there are some major updates on the way that they won’t want to miss”.

Maurino Berry (Helk), Lead Designer for Rust

Rust has seen a multitude of updates including the addition of CCTV cameras and turrets to monitor and defend player bases, a new weather system that introduces real-life weather properties to the game, and a rework to the games farming system that can change the number of crops you receive dependant on the weather conditions. There was even a DLC pack that added musical instruments that could be crafted once you collected the required resources, and if you had access to a real-world instrument you could connect via a MIDI interface and play your music ingame.

Don’t forget that if Rust isn’t already in your Steam library then it’s still available currently on Steam for around £30.