The big guns over at Square Enix have opened pre-registration for both iOS and Android users for their upcoming mobile adventure RPG with the crazily punctuated title, Romancing SaGa Re;univerSe.

Doing so through the App Store or Google Play, following the official Romancing SaGa Re;univerSe Twitter and Facebook pages and liking select posts, fans will be able to unlock post-launch rewards that will be determined by the total number of pre-registrations across all participating channels. Here’s what players could potentially receive:

– 50,000 pre-registrants – 100 Jewels, a premium in-game currency used to perform summons

– 100,000 pre-registrants – 200 Jewels and 10 small Stamina Drinks   

– 150,000 pre-registrants – 300 Jewels and 10 small Stamina Drinks   

– 200,000 pre-registrants – Nora (A) (character) from Romancing SaGa 3 and 400 Jewels

– 250,000 pre-registrants – 500 Jewels and 10 small Stamina Drinks

– 300,000 pre-registrants – 500 Jewels and 20 small Stamina Drinks   

– 350,000 pre-registrants – Flurry (S) (character) from Romancing SaGa 3 and 500 Jewels

– 400,000 pre-registrants – 500 Jewels and 20 Platinum Summon Tickets

– 500,000 pre-registrants – 1,000 Jewels and 20 Platinum Summon Tickets

Not content with giving just this back to the community, players can also enter a sweepstake to win real-world – yes, that’s right: REAL-WORLD – prizes, such as an iPad Air 3, a Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e, SE store credit and a Chocobo (not really, but oh how I wish…). Check out the Facebook and Twitter pages for more deets.

For those not in the know, Romancing SaGa Re;univerSe (honestly, we’ve got to find a way of shortening this) is set 3 years after Romancing SaGa 3 and features an original story with familiar returning characters for fans of the franchise. A massive hit in Japan, Romancing SaGa Re;univerSe boasts fast-paced, strategic combat and offers players a free-to-play friendly experience with a balanced roster of characters and generous login bonuses and quest rewards.

Romancing SaGa Re;univerSe will be available this summer for iOS and Android devices!