Epic Games Store is certainly chalking ‘em up. After the bombshell announcement that they’d secured the new Total War title, Total War Saga: Troy, as a year-long exclusive the hits just keep coming for EGS. Today, TaleWorlds Entertainment announced that Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord has hit the Epic Games Store, having first released on Early Access back in March to great praise.

An 87% approval rating is the kind of thing political candidates can only dream of but Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord managed to achieve it, nailing it down as one of the most successful games releases on Steam this year. In an attempt to capitalize on this success the game’s currently snagged with a 20% off tag, both on Epic Games Store, taleworlds.com, Steam, and partner stores such as Humble Bundle, Greenman Gaming, etc.

Certainly nobody can fault TaleWorlds for lack of trying – having released a bunch of patches and updates for Early Access in order to fix a number of issues, including adding new content and features, it’s definitely throwing everything it’s got at the title with an eye on its full release later in the year. Interested in the changes and improvements? Check out their newly published summary of everything Mount & Blade II right here.

Yes, I chucked the creepy bloody sword wielding baby in for effect. *rubs hands together devilishly*