Show me someone who doesn’t love a story involving a cat companion and I’ll show you a dancing dog, that’s how much I’m certain everyone loves them! (I guess Monster Hunter really did a number on me).

Yesterday, Urnique Studio announced their time manipulation puzzle game Timelie has officially released on Steam for Mac OS 10.12 and higher! And just so even more people can get involved, the game now features 8 new supported languages, including Spanish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Korean, Turkish, and Russian!

Winner of numerous awards, Timelie sees players assist a girl and her mysterious cat companion (yes!), attempt to find their way in a strange and surreal world where time’s literally in your hands. Manipulating the timeline, players can jump forward and backward in order to solve mysteries, sounding kind of like a futuristic mash-up between Doctor Who and Sherlock. Boasting a single-player coop play seeing you take control of both the girl and the cat (again, yes!), it’s worth checking out the trailer and then the game itself!