Shh… or they’ll hear you!

It’s not long to wait until some new nightmare fuel is available to help you not sleep for a week, thanks to some horrendous Welsh folklore about Elisabeth Williams and a haunted Hotel Sker in 1898. Releasing July 28, 2020, for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC (via Steam) the Maid of Sker is hoping to stain your undergarments with its pant-shittingly scary take on the survival horror genre. The enemies in this adventure are sound-based, so as you investigate the goings-on in Hotel Sker, you must sneak about and solve the mystery if you ever want to escape the madness. Armed only with your wits and a steampunk-esque sonic weapon.

Wales Interactive has also released a nice new gameplay trailer to give you an idea of what kind of horrors are in wait for you. Have a watch and see if this is something that might appeal to you.