Easy Day Studios has unleashed their take on the skateboarding genre as Skater XL is now available for PC, PS4 and Xbox One. The game is available at retail and digitally for $39,99 or its local equivalent. There’s also a Nintendo Switch version in the works.

Skater XL features 100% physics-based controls and a passionate skate community subculture so it makes its the first game in the skateboarding genre to release in over 10 years.

Skater XL includes levels that feature famous skate landmarks and environmental elements, including Downtown LA, the ginormous Big Ramp, Easy Day High, and community created maps like Grant Park, Hudland, and Streets.

Jump into the shoes of skateboarding pros such as Tiago Lemos, Evan Smith, Tom Asta, and Brandon Westgate, or customize and create your own skateboarding legend with gear from more than 30 real skate brands.

PC players will be able to access hundreds of mods, maps, digital skate zines, personal highlight replays, and more from the game’s community.

Dain Hedgpeth, Co-Founder, and Director of Easy Day Studios said:

Our goal was to evolve the genre and capture the fun and self-expression of skateboarding more than any previous game. This started by assigning complete foot control and physics to each thumbstick instead of letting pre-made canned animations do the work,[…] Today’s launch is the culmination of years of heads-down development working directly with our community, they’ve been part of it all including map design, new control mechanics and even the game’s promotion.