Underbite Games has released its turn-based tactics adventure Sentinels of Freedom on Nintendo Switch.

Sentinels of Freedom, inspired by Sentinel Comics, is a superhero adventure that allows players to create their own custom hero, craft its backstory, personality, power source, abilities (melee brawling, support, or nifty gadgets), and costume. You can also further custom your character in-between missions.

Each mission is broken up into groups of engagements; each offering unique objectives, enemy types, and player choice on where to go next in order to keep each mission fresh and unique.

New content will regularly be added, with many new levels, heroes and villains, and upgrades planned.

Cory Heald, the founder of Underbite Games, said:

Sentinels of Freedom is the perfect blend of superhero comics and tactics games, […] It’s got a gripping story and colorful characters, but it also lets you control the carnage as these superpowered heroes and villains face off in increasingly epic fisticuffs!