Bandai Namco’s upcoming free-to-play MMORPG, Bless Unleashed, will launch for PS4 on October 22nd. Players can already pre-order the Head Start Access.

While the game was already available for Xbox One, PS4 players will finally be able to dive into a world of mystery, intrigue, and danger where they’ll enter compelling dungeons and bosses, explore an open world, upgrade their Blessing Skills to customize their character, become lethal with combo-based combat, and much more.

The game will be available in three versions: Deluxe, Exalted, and Ultimate Founder’s Packs.

The Deluxe Founder’s Pack includes a 7-day Head Start, the “Pyreborn” title, the Ivory Unicorn mount, and 7-day Valor Perks. While The Exalted Founder’s Pack includes everything in the Deluxe Founder’s Pack plus a 10-day Head Start, the Ironclad Rhino Mount, the Gilded Enforcer Costume set, an additional character slot, 1,000 Lumena (virtual currency), and a 30-day Valor Perks.

Finally, the Ultimate Founder’s Pack includes everything in the Deluxe and Exalted Founder’s packs with the addition of a 14-day Head Start, the Inferno Stallion Mount, the Crimson Slayer Costume set, the Crimson Slayer Weapons skin set, two additional character slots, 2,000 Lumena, and 90-day Valor Perks.

All three versions can be purchased here.