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Nintendo Direct: Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon Details Necrozma, Early Purchase Bonuses and Celebi Bonus.

During today’s Nintendo Direct presentation, The Pokémon Company International and Nintendo revealed a Pokémon-themed New Nintendo 2DS XL system, more details for Pokémon Ultra Sun and Pokémon Ultra Moon and a special Celebi distribution! During the presentation, it was revealed that the mysterious Pokémon shown on the packages of Pokémon Ultra Sun and Pokémon Ultra Moon are in fact Necrozma. After taking over the Legendary Pokémon Solgaleo in Pokémon Ultra Sun or the Legendary Pokémon Lunala in Pokémon Ultra Moon, Necrozma becomes Dusk Mane Necrozma or Dawn Wings Necrozma! Dusk Mane Necrozma can use Solgaleo’s signature move Sunsteel Strike...

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The Crimson Invasion TCG expansion has come to Pokémon Sun & Moon

Pokémon Sun & Moon Crimson Invasion welcomes Ultra Beasts to the UK TCG scene for the very first time, as well as a whole host of new GX cards, including Gyarados GX and Silvally-GX. With over 110 cards, Sun & Moon Crimson Invasion focuses on the imminent battle for control of the Alola region, and sees the Pokémon TCG debut of Silvally, Nihilego, Buzzwole, Kartana, Guzzlord, and Type: Null. Supporter cards have also been included, featuring Lusamine and Gladion, as well as appearances from Alolan Exeggutor and Alolan Marowak, with a total of eight Pokémon-GX. You’ll also be able to jump straight...

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Hands on with Pokémon Sun and Moon – Trading Card style!

With Pokémon Sun and Moon well and truly settled in the 3DSs of many gamers out there, it’s only fitting that the Trading Card Game gets a healthy boost of new cards to match the updated running total of 802(!) Pokémon in the franchise. The Sun & Moon range of Trading Cards add another slice of depth to the game, allowing for new ways to inflict damage on your foes and seize the upper hand in-game. Thanks to the Pokémon Company, GGS was invited to check out the new cards. Here’s how it went down! Released now in the...

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UK Gaming Chart – w/e December 9, 2017

There’s no shifting Call of Duty: WW2 as it spends its sixth week at the top of the chart. FIFA 18 is also showing it means business by holding out at number two. Prey, the only new entry this week, comes in at number 19 while elsewhere, Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, and Sonic Forces all re-enter the top 20. This week’s top 20 chart in full: 1. (1) Call of Duty: WW2 2. (2) FIFA 18 3. (4) Star Wars Battlefront 2 4. (6) Super Mario Odyssey 5. (5)...

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UK Gaming Chart – w/e November 18, 2017

While there may be no change at the top of the chart as Call of Duty: WW2 holds on for it’s third week at number one, it’s total mayhem elsewhere with eight (yes, eight!) new entries into the chart this week. Despite some controversy last week, Star Wars Battlefront 2 lands in second place while Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon come in at numbers four and five, respectively. The Sims 4 and L.A. Noire Remastered are enjoying the seventh and eighth spots while Lego Marvel Super Heroes 2 manages to scrape in at number ten. Lastly, there’s a...

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New Pokémon Titles Coming This Year!

Pokémon is making its way to Nintendo Switch later this year with Pokkén Tournament DX. Including all the content from both the Wii U and arcade versions of Pokkén Tournament, Pokkén Tournament DX introduces an array of exciting new features to create the ultimate Pokkén experience. Features of Pokkén Tournament DX include: Play Pokkén anytime, anywhere on Nintendo Switch – Play Pokkén Tournament DX in TV mode, handheld mode, or share a Joy-Con controller with another Trainer to battle one-on-one in tabletop mode anywhere! A brand-new fighter — Decidueye enters the battle, alongside all previous Pokémon from the Wii...

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