Author: Joe Fourhman

Let’s Play Tharsis

Tharsis, a die-rolling space adventure game, is coming to PS4 and Steam next week from the team that brought you the BIT.TRIP series. You’ll manage the resources of a largely-doomed crew of astronauts on their way to Mars, plotting die rolls in specific ways to keep them alive. Since this is essentially a complicated tabletop game, we thought we’d record a little live stream of Tharsis in action to explain how the basics work. You’ll be able to try out Tharsis for yourself on Steam and PlayStation 4 on January 12, assuming you survive the...

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E3 2015 – Hands On with Star Fox Zero

Nintendo’s E3 booth focused on two high-profile releases at either end and squished a bunch of other games into the middle. On one extreme, Super Mario Maker… and on the other, Star Fox Zero. This new Star Fox was no surprise, having been tipped last year as an upcoming example of Shigeru Miyamoto’s mission to continue justification for the Wii U’s signature GamePad controller. But does a dual-screen approach make sense for a franchise like Star Fox? The E3 demo included two missions, one that replicated the initial Corneria sequence from Star Fox 64 and another mission set in...

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