Author: Tom Mackenzie

Halo:Reach Beta, The Stats

I recently got kindly given a code by my mate for the Reach Beta, and I discovered something. Halo:Reach is popular! Who’d have guessed eh? Bungie has kindly released information on just how many people played the Beta on...

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Split/Second Demo Impressions

The Split/Second demo has been out for a while now (well for those of you on Xbox Live), and as release date draws closer and closer, here’s a few first impressions for those of you have not had a chance to download this...

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Alpha Protocol: Meet the characters

Now, you may or may not have heard of the upcoming Alpha Protocol. If not then let me quickly fill in the blanks. It is essentially an espionage RPG, in which you play a rouge agent Michael Thorton. The name of the game here is...

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