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  • Badass Trial Race is Soft Launching Today!
  • New Trailer for Sigils: Battle for Raios Brings New Insights
  • The Cryomancer class revealed in Skyforge
  • Game Insight Launches Economic Strategy Game Transport Empire for Android

Most recent articles

The Adventures of Tintin: the Secret of the Unicorn

Posted by on Nov 25, 2011 |

Title: The Adventures of Tintin: the Secret of the Unicorn Developer: Ubisoft Publisher: Ubisoft Platform(s): X360 Kinect (reviewed) / Playstation 3 / Wii TL;DR: Just: meh. Not strong opinion either way! Family Friendly?: Yes! Click here to skip the detail and see if this game is right for your...

Egg-sellent news as Dizzy returns

Posted by on Nov 23, 2011 |

Forget eggnog being one of the best things about the coming holidays as the treehouse dwelling ovoid hero Dizzy is making his way to iOS and Android devices. Officially announced today, Codemasters are publishing a remake of his 1991 8-bit ‘eggventure’ which was originally released for the ZX...

FPS on the Go: Unit 13 Announced for PS Vita

Posted by on Nov 23, 2011 |

SOCOM developer Zipper Interactive is getting ready to step into the world of the PS Vita. Today, the studio revealed its new shooter, Unit 13, which will be exclusively on the PlayStation Vita. According to the newest PlayStation Blog entry by Brian Soderberg, President of Zipper Interactive,...

Xbox Live Dashboard Update Launching on December 6th

Posted by on Nov 23, 2011 |

Xbox Live’s newest dashboard duds will be going Kinect heavy, and all users will get access to it beginning December 6th. Major Nelson confirmed the launch date earlier today, stating that the dashboard preview program has helped ready the big update. The new interface will feature voice and...

JOY as RAGE Demo Now Available on Xbox LIVE

Posted by on Nov 22, 2011 |

CAPITAL LETTERS. If, like me, you’ve yet to get around to playing the latest Shoot-that-guy instalment from FPS pioneers id Software, you can now demo RAGE courtesy of Xbox LIVE. ROAR! From the press release: The Ghost Clan, a cult of murderous fanatics, has infiltrated the waterworks...

Runescape Unveils New Website and Logo

Posted by on Nov 22, 2011 |

We’ll get to the news in a moment, but first a preamble! The demographic of gamers who identify under the banner of the term ‘hardcore’ often like to scoff at the idea of a browser-based game. Sure, they can be a fun little distraction, but for anyone into ‘serious’...

REVIEW: Sonic Generations (X360)

Posted by on Nov 22, 2011 |

Title: Sonic Generations Platform: PlayStation 3 / Xbox 360 / PC / Nintendo 3DS Developer: Sonic Team, Devil’s Details, Dimps Publisher: Sega TL;DR: Blue lightning, enter nostalgia Family Friendly? Click here for more information. I can remember the days of waking up to watch Saturday...

Diablo III Inches Closer to Consoles

Posted by on Nov 21, 2011 |

Blizzard is filling out its development team and the rumors are flying. With the PC version due out in early 2012, everyone simply must ask: are we going to see a console version of Diablo? Pretty, pretty please? No official announcement has ever been made in regards to this very subject, but the...

“Silent Update” Released for Xbox 360 to Combat Piracy

Posted by on Nov 21, 2011 |

Game piracy isn’t a pretty thing, and the Big Three has had their share of problems with it over the years. Microsoft has been vigorously fighting against it for a long time, and over the weekend, a “silent update” released over Xbox Live will theoretically help them. Working...

Square Enix Looks to Expand in Montreal

Posted by on Nov 21, 2011 |

Stealth is all the rage with Square Enix these days, as they’ve announced today that a new studio will be opening in Montreal alongside Deus Ex developer Eidos Montreal. This new studio will be focused on creating a brand new Hitman game, even though Hitman: Absolution has yet to see the...

Square Enix Opens Its Own Android Store

Posted by on Nov 21, 2011 |

Instead of focusing on more pressing matters like finishing up development on Final Fantasy XIII Versus, Square Enix announced that they will be opening their very own brand Android store in Japan on December 1st. Games like Dragon Quest Monsters Most Wanted, Final Fantasy, and Crystal Defenders...

U.S. Gaming Charts: November 6th – November 12th

Posted by on Nov 21, 2011 |

Take a look at the charts. Then at the big releases that came out this past week. It’s not a surprising trend to see that both Modern Warfare 3 and Skyrim completely dominated the charts this past week in the U.S. Gears of War 3? What’s that? Batman: Arkham City? So last month. This...

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