Now, you may or may not have heard of the upcoming Alpha Protocol. If not then let me quickly fill in the blanks. It is essentially an espionage RPG, in which you play a rouge agent Michael Thorton. The name of the game here is customization and choosing the right weapon for the right situation. You can upgrade many aspects of Thorton, including physical combat, weapons mastery, state of the art tech, and even seduction. No doubt a tantalizing prospect to you budding RPG (or even shooter) gamers out there! Check out Vikki’s original post here, for more information.

Anyway, to the main point. Character profiles have been uploaded onto YouTube, outlining who you can expect to see throughout the game. Below is a list of characters you may want to take a quick look at:

Michael Thorton

Mina Tang


Scarlet Lake

Konstantin Brakyo

Henry Leland

Grigori Pazinhov


Be sure to check these out if you are looking forward to Alpha Protocol as I am!

For more even information (like you aren’t convinced already!) go take a look at the games official website