Now if you’re as excited as I am about Lost Planet 2, then it is no doubt good news to see DLC is already in the pipeline, right? Well, it has been spotted by keen-eyed xbox goers that the bonus maps availiable to those who preordered the game from GameStop are already out on the Xbox marketplace.

The fact that they are already out seems slightly unfair to those who did pre-order, making the bonus maps not so much of a bonus. I’m sure many of the Lost Planet 2 online population will not mind forking out 400 Gamerpoints for the bonus maps, it is just a shame those pre-orderers couldn’t have their week or so of exclusivity. Hopefully, Capcom will take down this map pack and refrain putting it up for little bit longer. They must be really excited!

Now I think i’m going to be a bit cheeky and download them ready for release myself, if they are still there that is!

Source and Image: Joystiq