It’s time for some new Dragon Age DLC in the form of the Darkspawn Chronicles! This new DLC will be released on May 18th for the PC and Xbox 360, for 400 Microsoft Points. The date for the DLC’s release to the PS3 is yet to be announced.

Darkspawn Chronicles puts an interesting new twist on the Dragon Age story. In this DLC chapter, players will now take the role of a Darkspawn Hurlock and throw you onto the opposite side of the Darkspawn invasion. In this version of the story, the player’s original Grey Warden is killed during the Joining, leaving the Grey Wardens under the command of Alistair. The player will lead a horde of fearsome ogres and shrieks as the Darkspawn lay siege to the city of Denerim. The episode will be separate from the main, original story, but it will unlock a Darkspawn item that can be brought over into the main game and the Awakening expansion pack.