Do you like killing zombies? Of course you do! Well here’s some news just for you. The inevitable zombie apocolypse is probably nearly upon us, so of course you want to prepare for such a situation. The best way to do this is obviously Left 4 Dead 2’s realism mode. Not any more! Under the same realistic constraints you will soon be able to play against the survivours, in realistic versus.

After a landslide of 68% of the online Left 4 Dead 2 community voting to keep this mutation, Valve decided make it permanent. Evidence that we, the gamers, have a significant say in what we want. Brilliant!

Be sure to look out for this upcoming game type on the Left 4 Dead 2 menu screen. And, for those of you with the Passing DLC, keep a sneaky eye out for this week’s mutation, Follow the Liter. This game type is basically scavenge but with one gas canister spawning at a time.

Keep checking the Left 4 Dead Blog for any more updates on upcoming mutations.

Source: Joystiq