Name: Sarah Grace
A/S/L: 24/F/DC
Status: Single and looking to mingle. WINK!

Q: What’s the first game you ever played?
The first video game I ever played was Super Ghouls and Ghost for the SNES. I didn’t get to play too much of it, ’cause my older brother and his high school friends owned it, but I would sit there and watch. My crowning moment was when they actually let me play the last boss battle, the giant dude who fired off snot lasers, because they were so frustrated from dying, and I actually BEAT IT! I’m still kind of strutting over that fact. I was destined to rock at games.

Q. What’s your gaming set-up at home?
I own a PS3, an Xbox 360, a PS2 that I literally have owned for 10yrs, and my shoddy PC that hates anything with fancy graphics.

Q. And what’s your life-changing game? You know, the one that made you realise that gaming was completely awesome?
I’m going to be a cliche and say it was Final Fantasy 7. I’d say Metal Gear Solid, but that game just made me realize that not everything military related is going to be a boring FPS. FF7 was one of those games that I got when I was 11yrs old, and I had no idea that games could actually tell a story. And this was back before the internet was really big and informative so I had to play and learn through experience. Anytime I replayed, there was always something new I missed the first time. Or doing something different set off a brand new chain of events that I hadn’t known about.

Q: And what is your all-time favourite game ever? Why?
Oh gad, I couldn’t even say. I’m torn between nostalgia and entertainment. My favorite game, though, is probably FF12. I like the fact that I have toput work and effort into obtaining really good items, and to win against optional bosses. At times it’s tedious, and it feels like one big free roam instead of following an actual story sometimes, but I like it all the same. It reminds me of Vagrant Story, which is another game that I have huge nostalgic love for. Plus it helps that Balthier is a saucy minx.

Q: How do you unwind and relax?
I relax by riding around in my yacht pulled by huskies ;D Okay, not really. I’m boring and actually relax BY writing, whether it’s in my blog or while I try to make some kind of fandom argument. Otherwise I watch a lot of movies. I try to get into TV but the commercials cause me to channel surf and I end up missing a lot of the program I initially wanted to watch ’cause I get distracted by other TV shows. To end on a cool note, I’m taking rock climbing classes. I’m really scrawny and uncoordinated, but I’m sure there’s hope for me yet!

Q. Any nerdy gaming stories to share? Better yet, any embarrassing ones?
Well, my entire time playing World of Warcraft is littered with embarrassing stories. I’m generally someone who doesn’t read anything about their class or special abilities, so I would often get know-it-alls asking me if I Ebay’d my account (the ultimate insult).

The most embarrassing story, though, is when I was doing a raid with my guild. I played a healing class, that has a special ability to self resurrect if I died during the fight. The strategy we worked out to kill this particular raid boss was COUNTING on me to die midway through the fight, so I can self rez, and come back with full health and mana, thus saving the day because I could solo heal the rest of the group. So, the moment came where I was supposed to die, and I stood in the middle of the blast and died. At that point in time, two options pop up my screen. “Release? | Resurrect?” I had everyone yelling at me to self rez now now now!! And in my hurry, I accidently hit “Release”, which is NOT what I was supposed to do, and my spirit went straight to the graveyard. Needless to say, I cost 9 people to start over and be really annoyed at me, and I didn’t hear the end of my noobiness for months after that.

Q. Do you collect any gaming memorabilia? If not, why not? If yes, what and why?
I don’t collect memorabilia PER SAY, but I do save every game that I buy. I still have my original copy of FF7 that I’ve had since I was 11, along with a Legend of Legaia that I bought with my allowance at 12yrs old. I keep old memory cards, a lot of other old PS1 and PS2 games, and their strategy guides. I couldn’t imagine trading in games, even brand new ones, because I like to replay everything too much. I’m such a hoarder.

Q. How’d you get involved in
Well, I knew Vixx (Vikki) for a long time online. Back when she was a moderator at Silent Hill Forums, and then it ended up being that Silent Hill Heaven became the bigger fish. I don’t know when she and I actually became friends, but I’m glad I e-stalked her! We fell out of contact for a couple years, but when I found her again in September or November of 2009, she told me about a gaming project written by girls and that she always had me in mind. Flattery will always get your way with me ;D So, when GGS opened in December of ’09, I was glad to be on board.

Q. What’s your perfect evening?
Oh gosh. Are you coming onto me? Let’s see… Like I said before I really like watching movies, but I’d rather do that at someone’s house as opposed to a movie theatre. I have a bad habit of talking during movies, and I know total strangers find that annoying as shit. So a movie with friends at someone’s house, while drinking and shenanigans, and keeping everything chill is what makes me a happy camper.

Q. Conversely, what would be your idea of a nightmare way to spend an evening?
Hmm. I’m not sure. I never really not have fun when I go out, so my anxieties and fears are really simple, as in hoping I don’t lose my wallet or phone lol

Q. Name five people, alive or dead, you’d like to share a Multiplayer experience with.
Mila Kunis, Macaulay Culkin (I hear they play WoW), Michelle Rodriguez, Alexander Skarsgaard and my mom.

Q. What job’s currently helping you to feed your gamer habit?
I used to work for Gamepro and MLG Pro but that didn’t really pay the bills so it’s kind of stopped altogether. Nowadays I’m back in school to work for a counseling & human behavior degree and I work at a tiny UPS store. Exciting, I know. It’s always the unassuming shop clerk that has a dirty secret life of being a gamer girl.

Q. Anything else you think our readers should know?
I totally cried when I beat Metal Gear Solid 4. There, I said it.

Q. If you were stuck in a mall, surrounded by zombies, what celebrity, weapon and music would you have playing while you face the oncoming horde?
I would have Gerard Butler (meow) who would be my wingman and in charge of firing a gun ’cause I’m really bad at aiming. I would be using a fire axe as a weapon because I’m assuming these zombies are going to be slow. The music I would be playing would be Yellow Submarine by The Beatles ’cause you gotta stay positive in the face of an apocalypse.

Q. Nominate the next person to get the QA interrogation!
I choose you, Lynn Potts!

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