June 3rd marks the release of the second map pack for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 exclusively for Xbox Live.

The map pack will feature 5 maps, 2 of which are revamps of your old favourites from the first Modern Warfare game, Strike and Vacant. The other 3 are Fuel, Trailer Park and Carnival.

Fuel is arguably the biggest Modern Warfare 2 map yet, set in a dusty oil refinery with open outside areas and shady inside areas. Perfect for large game types, with plenty of opportunities to strike from a number of angles.

Trailer Park is effectively the opposite. Tightly packed spaces call for a completely different play style with a much larger emphasis of map memorization, choke points and super tight corridors.

Carnival is set in a freaky abandoned fair ground and is broken down into various easily identifiable sections. Each section is slightly adapted to different play styles meaning there is something for everyone. By the looks of things this is likely to be a fan favourite.

Vacant, for those of you who have not played the original, is a Russian office complex, focused mainly on indoor close quarters combat.

Strike is a fairly large town style map with a mix of indoor and outdoor game play. This map is probably best suited for objective type game play due to its sheer versatility.

Both maps have been revamped in terms of graphics with more detailed textures and lightning thrown in. Both have also experienced a transformation in terms of subtle layout changes with the odd area being closed off or opened up to give a fresh feel to each map.

The Resurgence map pack will be available on Xbox Live form the 3rd June, with PC and PS3 release dates later on.

The map pack will cost 1200 Microsoft Points.

For more information and a sneak peak at the look of each map check out the Inside Xbox video here.