Crytek’s free-to-play online gamer Warface is up for a facelift with their latest update to the series, ‘Ambush’.

The second part of their original Operation Cold Peak expansion, players of the new Ambush will get the chance to further explore the dastardly Blackwood military faction’s Siberian stronghold, all under the veil of a superbly seasonal winter setting.

Challenging teams to first storm a ruined castle, they’ll find their world turned upside down when their mission turns out to be a deadly trap. Circled on all sides and with the enemy breathing down their necks, players will have to dig deep for courage as they work together to build defences capable of holding off wave after wave of encroaching enemy battalions. A great feat in itself, but if teams do make it out of the castle with all their limbs still in tact then the thumping sound of rotor-blades on the horizon will be sure to cut celebrations short as the approaching helicopter initiates the next fight for life – and a final teeth-chattering surprise.

Available now, download the game – and the update – for free from or Steam today and start the New Year off with an almighty bang!