The Metal Gear Solid franchise may be synonymous with a lot of things, not least for what it’s done for the cardboard box industry (sales have sky-rocketed), but a chicken hat…?

Yes, that crafty Kojima decided to have a little fun this Christmas and released a number of shots of espionage eccentric Snake apparently eluding capture while dressed in a rather funky chicken hat.

Elaborating on its decidedly unusual inclusion in Kojima Productions’ upcoming release Metal Gear Solid: The Phantom Pain, Hideo explained that players will be asked whether or not they would like to don the strange piece of headgear if they find themselves particularly stuck at any point in the game. Apparently doing so will make the game slightly easier, the implication being that if you choose to wear the hat to lower the difficulty then you must be ‘chicken’.

It’s a nice piece of gaming aid that’s sure to go down well with the legions of MGS fans already accustomed to Kojima occasionally exercising his kooky side (less we forget that monkey mini-game form MGS3…). Check out the images below for a cluckle…I mean chuckle: