What happens when a group of ex-Blizzard Entertainment employees get together to create a completely self-funded indie studio in sunny Spain? A game that combines a love for monsters and digital card battles, that’s what. Oh, and one heck of a bad-ass studio name: FrozenShard.

“The idea behind the development was to position ourselves in the emergent market of Digital Card Games. After the release of our first game “World War II: TCG” who achieved very positives results and reviews (4.2/5 iOS & 4/5 Android) we quickly decided to create a CCG that would let us reach a wider audience, we learned a lot from our first game and we are ready to take bigger risks.”

Those bigger risks have culminated in their latest title to date, Monster Battles: The Card Game. A free-to-play Digital Card Game, Monster Battles: TCG immerses the player in a spectacularly colourful world inhabited by hundreds of unique and amusing monsters. As a trainer, your task is to battle others in a never-ending campaign with the ambition of being crowned World Champion Monster Trainer.

Monster Battles 1                      Monster Battles 2

“Despite being a very small and completely self-funded Studio with an extremely limited budget we managed to create a title that we think can compete directly with the big names in the Market, we are hardcore gamers from Social & Hardcore Gaming companies backgrounds and we put all our efforts in creating a Game that will satisfy equally Hardcore and Casual players.”

Competing with the big names in the market is easier said than done, but with Online/Offline modes for both PvP and Campaign, a number of social features as well as an ability to duel your friends in split-screen mode, plus a never-ending Saga campaign mode (plus bosses) complete with winnable badges, it’s clear to see why the guys at FrozenShard think they’re on to a winner.

And just in-case you were still doubting them, the studio’s promised to update the monster database every month, meaning new additional monsters to the already 200-strong roster currently inhabiting their virtual world.

Monster Battles 4

Highly competitive, easy to learn and completely cross-platform, Monster Battles: The Card Game is available for download on iOS and Android now.