In the US, the Consumer Electronics Show has already been and gone, celebrating the latest and greatest in gadgetry all round. Amongst all that was an awards ceremony for those that were perceived to be the cream of the crop.

Hence, the “Best of CES” Awards.

How does this fit in with Razer? Well, they won the People’s Choice award for the Forge TV. This microconsole allows for the streaming of any game from your PC to your TV and can play a whole host of Android-based games locally on the machine. Based on Android TV and Google Cast, this wee gizmo hooks up to a myriad of apps that are already out there and you may be familiar with.

Alongside the Forge TV, a bespoke controller called the Serval was announced alongside the TV and there’s also a lap-keyboard called the Turret that has a mousemat attached, should you prefer to game on your sofa with the traditional layout.

All of this scored big with the fans, and Razer are customarily returning the gesture.

For 24 hours from 6pm Pacific Time on January 12 (2am GMT on January 13 in the UK), fans will be able to claim a 50% off a Razer peripheral of their choice.

That’s ANY Razer peripheral, including the Chroma range that they unleashed during gamescom last year.

These shiny bits of kit will be going cheap for 4 hours only

These shiny bits of kit will be going cheap for 24 hours only

Not just that, but if you’re in the US where Razer’s laptops are available, they can be picked up at 30% off.

Details on the offer and how to get a discount code are over at Razer’s Insider forum here, but the main gist is that you can only use your code on one item and you have to be registered on the forum to get the code.

Thinking of picking anything up? Let us know!