The 4v1 hunt-em-up Evolve is getting ever closer, and the folks at Turtle Rock Studios are giving us a few more opportunities to get our hands dirty with the game ahead of the release on February 10.

If your console of choice is the Xbox One, you’re in luck. An Open Beta kicks off today at 9am Pacific time (5pm UK time). You can queue it up to your console by visiting this link or looking it up on your Xbox One. From today, Hunt mode will be available, which has been the mode that was on the go during the Big Alpha.

On Saturday however (January 17), Evacuation mode will open up during the Open Beta on Xbox One. As mentioned before, Evacuation is the game’s equivalent of a story mode, but based around the usual Hunt missions that we’ve come to know, and then some. Bear in mind that an active Gold account on Xbox Live will be needed to jump in on this.

In addition to this already known news, it was revealed today that those who pre-purchase digital copies of Evolve will get early access to the game’s new monster and hunters not just when the game unlocks, but during the beta itself.

That very monster is called the Wraith. It’s super stealthy and can be extremely dangerous in the right hands. Check out our earlier post for more info.

Moving to the PC and PS4, technical tests will be on the go that focuses on Hunt Mode. That kicks off on January 17 at 9am Pacific time (5pm UK time) on both systems. Note that this technical test won’t have new characters like the Wraith.

Access to these technical tests are open to those who took part in the Big Alpha earlier. If you’re one of those folks, then check your inbox for a code from 2K to get you in to the test. Remember that since it’s an online-based game, you’ll need an active PlayStation Plus subscription if you’re playing the game on the PS4.

If you own Left 4 Dead 2 or Bioshock Infinite in your Steam account, you should also get access to the PC technical test. I suspect this might automatically pop up in your steam library on January 17. 2K have confirmed to me that if you have either of those two games, it will automatically be added to your library when the technical test starts on January 17.

If you manage to spend some time with the game, good luck on the hunt!