Listen up all you MOBA players out there, there’s a new action-fantasy game in town and it’s here to kick some serious butt. It’s name? Chaos Heroes Online, and it’s a doozy.

Developed by South Korea’s Aeria Games, the guys behind the hotly anticipated Echo of Soul (due to launch Spring this year), Chaos Heroes Online is the successor to the Korean Warcraft 3 custom map DotA:Chaos. As a Chaos Hero, you must battle you way through hordes of enemies in a place where much blood has already been spilled and where careful plotting, meticulous strategising, and impressive displays of skill and technique will have to be called upon before anyone can scream ‘VICTORY IS OURS!’

Features included in Chaos Heroes Online include Faction vs. Faction (Immortal Legion vs. Divine Union), an ability to buy items anywhere, an added emphasis on consumables, plus the need find your own way through the map, slashing your way through the foliage in order to get to, and subsequently control, the Teleport Gates. Not only that but Timed matches and the inclusion of a Death match mode (a match set in a small area and patrolled by a massive guardian) all combine to make Chaos Heroes a pretty awesome addition to the MOBA genre. Oh, and previous players will be offered a unique limited skin, Scorching Battlefield Darae, upon their return – how’s that for a slice of fried gold?

Finally available on Steam, download it today!