‘On the brink of battle with an Elder Dragon, Tyria’s heroes prepare to face a day they’ll not soon forget’. Sounding like a tagline straight from Middle Earth, NCSOFT and ArenaNet announced earlier this week the release of the conclusion of Living World Season 2 for the acclaimed Guild Wars franchise. If you haven’t already, check out the trailer below:

Titled Point of No Return, this final chapter in the Living World’s second season sees Tyria and the Pact Fleet prepare to wage war against the Elder Dragon Mordremoth and his army, the Mordrem. Alongside the conclusion of this fantastic storyline, Point of No Return will also feature new gameplay aspects as well as access to new treasures:

– Time is Running Out sees the Pact Fleet ready to launch, but where is Glint’s egg? With one last memory seed to count, your path bring you to a cave sealed shut with peculiar and otherworldly magic, in which lie the answers you seek. Only by breaking this seal and venturing deep into the cave will you be able to find the answers you’re looking for.

– Ancient History provides a potential avenue for answers in the form of an old dwarf, Ogden Stonehealer, who may know of a way to break the cave’s magical seal.

– Mordrem Vinewrath challenges players to summon up their deepest depths of courage and face off against Vinewrath, an evil and sadistic lieutenant of Mordremoth. Sound easy enough? Vinewrath’s three deadly champions will have something to say about that…

– Silverwastes Treasures is the new treasure available to players who manage to complete Point of No Return and it’s additional quests. The rewards bestowed upon the victors include the prestigious Carapace headgear and the Carapace chest, while Bandit Crest Collector vendors will now have Mordrem Bladder and Spleen extraction devices, as well as a new ascended accessory for players to purchase.

If you’re a fan of Guild Wars and haven’t yet picked up Living World’s Point of No Return, what are you waiting for? Head online now and pick up a copy today!