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With the majority of innovations and new product releases, brands’ do their research and ensure that they are aimed at a specific target market. There are some exceptions to this rule, however, thanks to the universal appeal of the innovation in question and its unique purpose. Although such instances are rare, these products often have the potential to revolutionise markets and transform industries. One such product is currently being designed by Israeli company Store Dot, and revolves around the lucrative mobile market.

More specifically, this firm is working on a prototype product that can charge a mobile device fully in 30 seconds or less. Utilising bio-organic technology, the start-up venture is aiming to provide a practical solution for mobile batteries that lose power quickly. Although the company is at an early stage of the design process and has yet to develop either a full capacity battery or a piece of hardware that is small enough to fit inside a mobile device, its successful evolution will provide a viable solution that can handle the growing range of apps and programs accessible to consumers at any given time.


While TechCrunch has been quick to point out the elongated time frames and potential issues with the device, it has every chance of succeeding with an estimated $6.25 million funding behind its development. The brand certainly has no plans to rush core design elements, with founder and CEO claiming that his team are currently an estimated 12 months away from showcasing a functional prototype embedded within mobile devices. Within two years, they will have reached the required energy density to power the device for an entire day.

In total, this will mean that a commercially viable device will be ready within three years, providing that designers can overcome any potential issues. The impact on the mobile market would be vast and extremely positive, while the product would also be almost guaranteed to become universally popular and particularly lucrative.

Brands and gaming operators who offer casino games such as free online roulette will also be able to benefit from this technology, as it will dramatically increase the amount of time that mobile consumers will be able to spend online. This translates into higher rates of spending and increased revenues, and certainly represents big business for brands that have the capacity to operate online.