Cartoon Network Games announced the worldwide launch of Adventure Time Game Wizard. Coming to the App Store, Google Play and Amazon across the world, this innovative title encourages players to draw their own Adventure Time game levels with a pencil and paper.

The Pixel Press capture technology brings the game design to life on a mobile device, where it can be played, shared with friends and published online for other gamers to see.

With more than 2.6 billion total game plays, Adventure Time Game Wizard merges the beloved animated series with the fans’ desire to create, creating a unique app.

The user-generated levels becomes part of a story where Finn and Jake find a magical sketchbook (property of a brand-new character, the mysterious Doodle Wizard) and discover that anything drawn in the book comes to life. Without hesitation they begin to sketch up their own adventures and watch as their drawings run around the pages right before their eyes, however it isn’t all fun and games, as it seems an evil presence lurks within the sketchbook’s pages.