If you’ve been hiding from rival factions hell bent on your destruction or have found yourself with more pressing things to worry about as of late, such as plague or famine, you may have missed the release of Creative Assembly’s brand new trailer for their upcoming online epic, Total War: ATTILA.

As winter settles in across Europe, the cold encroaches and the crops die, the Gothic populace find themselves with an important and potentially life-changing decision to make: continue to plough the much maligned ground they currently reside upon and face potential and probable starvation, or turn their backs on what they know and become wayfarers in the hope of finding more fertile lands to plunder. One thing’s for sure, they can’t go back toward their homeland, back toward the Black Sea: Attila’s there.

Mass migration due to climate change, famine, and the threat of war are a staple part of history, and in Total War: ATTILA these issues are brought right to the fore. Approaching the gates of Rome, perhaps it is the mysterious rider of the Black Horse who can save – or slaughter – them. If you missed it, check out the new cinematic trailer below for a taste of what it’s like to be Goth – real Goth:

Breaking away from the norm of traditional Total War games, Total War: ATTILA incorporates a migratory lifestyle into its game mechanics, rather than utilising a static, town/city based development that player factions are normally used to. This allows for a truly realistic, and sometimes harrowing, approach to gameplay, as players get a real feel for what it’s like to be a nomad in the age of the Hun.

For screenshots and to view the original announcement trailer – ‘Your World Will Burn’ – check out Dan’s article here, then keep your ear to the ground for the rumbling of horse hooves as Total War: ATTILA fast approaches its early February release date.