They say silence is golden, but in this case…

A few days ago Daedalic Entertainment, the guys behind games like Munin and Blackguards, announced that their newest soon-to-be-released adventure game, Silence, will also be available for PS4 owners. Huzzah!

The original announcement omitted the much-loved PS4 console, but since then they’ve received the go-ahead from Sony so it’s all systems go, according to Daedalic Entertainment’s studio manager, Steffen Boos:

“We now also have Sony’s approval and we’re looking forward to make Silence available to Playstation4-players. This makes Silence a fully fledged multi-platform project; for the first time, we can release a game for the high end current-gen consoles which is an important cornerstone for the company. We strongly believe that narrative-driven games like ours will be well received among console players”

Scheduled for release in late 2015 for PC, Mac, Xbox One and now Playstation 4, Silence sees players take on the role of Noah, a young man searching desperately for his little sister Renie. Following the breadcrumbs he finds himself in Silence, a decaying world ravaged by war and terrorised by the mysterious Seekers, whose force continues to grow. Joining a band of rebels led by the hard-nosed Kyra, Noah and Renie attempt to find a way back home and out of the nightmare they suddenly find themselves in.

If Silence plays as good as it looks – which is pretty darn beautiful I think – everyone’s in for a real treat.

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