The internet’s a great entity, well known for its ability to shock and awe you in both good and bad measures, and a lot of the time when you least expect it. Luckily for Guild Wars fans tuning into ArenaNet’s PAX South event via Twitch or who were at the event in person, their surprise could only have been of joy and, afterwards, of raucous applause, as ArenaNet president Mike O’Brien and game director Colin Johanson chose this particular moment to announce a number of expansion details for Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns, as well as showcase an immense new trailer for it, the likes of which you can see below.

Among a whole host of other things revealed, Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thrones will feature new training abilities for characters beyond level 80, new master abilities (such as the fantastically fun looking hang-gliding in the jungle), and the ability to build new collections that lead toward the acquirement of a legendary weapon.

Set in the Heart of the Maguuma Jungle, players will encounter awesome new allies, fearful foes, and advancing packs of Mordremoth’s minions while they work their way through brand new missions and storyline.

Additional features to get hearts racing also include: a new Profession, the powerfully armour-enforced Revenant; new Profession Specialisations, providing access to new skills, traits and mechanics, as well as new weapons; a new PvP Stronghold game mode, in which players must battle for control of heroes and defeat the guild lord; new World vs. World battlefield combat on shiny new map Borderlands; and finally, Guild Halls, to stake your claim on a corner of Maguuma.

Guild Wars guys, if that’s not enough to get you to polish up your sword and wipe down your shield then I’m not sure what it! Perhaps a few screenshots and concept art, PLUS a beautifully animated Easter egg cinematic for the upcoming Point of No Return may be enough to do it:

GW2HoT_01-2015_Heart_of_Maguuma_City_Concept_WvW_Borderland_Concept GW2HoT_01-2015_Rytlock_Vines GW2HoT_01-2015_Gold_Hub_Steps GW2HoT_01-2015_Engineer