Paradox Interactive invites the world to enjoy a new trailer for Magicka 2, the forthcoming Wizard-filled spell-slinging game for PC and PS4. The publisher also offered players the chance to win several in-game rewards by signing up on the Magicka 2 website.

Viewers will sit in on a very special conversation with Brad, who is not Vlad, who is not a vampire, as he comes to terms with his demons, and reminisces about slaying those demons using a fantastic spellcasting system with up to four players—ahem, Wizards.

Signing up on the Magicka 2 website offers players the chance to earn a variety of in-game goodies for the PC version, such as new weapons, a new robe, and delightful avatars and icons to use on the Magicka 2 forums. These rewards can be unlocked by playing exclusive content not even included in the main game, giving players the chance to experience an exciting side story set in the rich lore of Midgard.